Little Sprouts offers a full time childcare preschool for newborns to preschool aged children. Our schedule is year round with closings only on Federal holidays. We do not follow the school district for inclement weather closings, we are open rain or shine.

We are open five days a week from 7:00am-5:30pm. *Nights and weekends upon request.

*For parents who have to work holidays we will make all efforts to accommodate those families to be open.

Additional Holiday rates will apply.

Tuition is set by a monthly rate. The rate includes: 

Meals, snacks, toothbrushes, disposable diapers, training pants, and wipes as needed. Rain boots, rain coats, snow boots, snow bibs and garden shoes are all included. The monthly tuition is due on the 1st and 15th of the month.

Closed only on Christmas Day and New Years Day. Call for rates, scholarships and ask about discounts for

Military, Healthcare and USD families. 

There are no enrollment fees, supply fees, deposit or outrageous late fees. We work with families, inquire about payment plans.

Our Menu:

We offer a traditional, home-style cooking using home-grown ingredients. In our Kiddie Kitchen, we aim to make a real difference in our children's lives and for the environment.  Our goals include:

* Selecting locally grown produce to reduce 'food miles'

* Using fresh, minimally processed and minimally packaged foods

* Using organic foods as a priority but not a necessity

* Incorporating sustainable protein sources such as beans, lentils, chickpeas and chicken

* Choosing to use no artificial anything - including colors, flavors and preservatives

* Conserving water in food preparation

*Using environmentally sustainable and safe tableware/cookware

*Raising awareness for our children about  the importance of eating healthily and consciously, especially in the younger years as this is where food habits are formed for life. 

Our Staff:

All staff, including assistants & substitutes, are certified in infant and child CPR & First Aid and have attended child abuse recognition and reporting classes. Education, certification, and training are important things to consider when choosing a childcare provider, and we here at Little Sprouts strive to go above and beyond minimum requirements for continuing education.

Educators are efficient in experience and hold a Bachelors Degree in Child Development and higher with continuous education in Education, Sociology and Leadership.



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